How to use your Fitbit Charge 4

Learn about all the awesome things you can do with your Charge 4!

Table of Contents

Fitbit Basics

Wear your Charge 4 everyday to track a variety of stats.

  • Steps taken

  • Active Zone Minutes with moderate or vigorous activity

  • Distance covered

  • Calories burned (total for day including rest)

  • Floors climbed

  • All day heart rate and zones

See your stats on Charge 4

From the clock face, swipe up to see your health & fitness for today.

  • Core stats: steps taken today, calories burned, distance covered, floors climbed and Active Zone Minutes
  • Hourly steps: steps taken this hour and the number of hours you took 250+ steps or more
  • Heart rate: current heart rate and average resting heart rate
  • Exercise: number of days you exercised
  • Cycle track: days on or until period or fertile window
  • Sleep: current time slept and Sleep Score
  • Water: daily consumption, as logged from the Fitbit mobile app
  • Weight: as logged from the Fitbit scales and mobile app

View all your stats and more in the Fitbit app.

Daily Goal

Charge 4 celebrates when you reach your main goal. To start, this is set to 10,000 steps and your step count resets everyday at midnight. You can change your goal in the Fitbit app settings.

Reminders to Move

Reminders to Move help you get moving every hour. Throughout the day, try to hit 250 steps each hour.

Customize the hours you receive reminders in the Fitbit app.

Exercise & GPS

Swipe left from the clock to find the Exercise app. It tracks real-time stats for specific exercises, including heart rate. Choose from run, bike, weights and more. Outdoor exercises, including run, bike, hike, and more, have a GPS option to map your route.

Real-time pace & distance

During runs and rides, see real-time stats like steps, distance, laps or heart rate.

Heart Rate

Charge 4 tracks your current and resting heart rate with PurePulse® technology. If you track a workout with the Exercise app, it will display your heart rate zone (e.g. fat burn, cardio or peak).

Open the Fitbit app to see how your overall cardio fitness compares to others.

Sleep stages & Sleep Score

Charge 4 gives you data without disturbance. All you have to do is wear it to bed and wake up to new stats.

Sleep Stages

View your time spent asleep in light, deep and REM sleep from the Fitbit app.

Sleep Score

Get to know your night with a daily sleep quality score. See all your sleep stats at a glance.

Sleep mode & silent alarm

Your device has a sleep mode that allows you to dim the display and silence all calls and texts. Set a silent alarm, and awake to a gentle vibration on your wrist.

Silent Alarms

Set a silent alarm on Charge 4. Your device gently vibrates to wake you up in the morning or alert you at a certain time of day.

If you don't dismiss an alarm, it goes off again in 9 minutes.

Quick settings

Press and hold the left button to reach common settings for your device:

Do not disturb

Silence calls and notifications, so you won't be bothered by vibrations from Charge 4.

Sleep mode

Silence calls and notifications to help you sleep without disturbance. Raising your wrist doesn't turn on the screen if sleep mode is on.

Screen wake

Allows the screen to wake up and show the time if you turn your wrist towards you. Screen wake won't work if sleep mode is on.


Your device vibrates if there's an incoming notification. Swipe down on the display to see calls, texts, calendar events and notifications from other apps. You'll receive incoming notifications when your phone and Charge 4 are within range.

Tap a notification to respond (Android only).

Fitbit Pay

Your device has Fitbit Pay, allowing you to use eligible credit and debit cards on your Charge 4. Make purchases in stores that accept contactless payments—even when you’re traveling internationally.

PIN Code

Set a personal 4-digit PIN code to help keep your Charge 4 secure. A PIN code is required to use Fitbit Pay.

Clock Faces

Charge 4 comes with different clock faces to match your mood, lifestyle or look. Change your clock face in the Fitbit app.

Weather app

Swipe left on the display to find the Weather app. To see weather for your location, let the Fitbit app run in the background.

Relax app

Swipe left on the display to find the Relax app. Find calm with personalized guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate.

Charging your device

Pinch open the bottom of the charger clamp and clip your device into the charger while aligning the gold pins.

Charging may take up to 2 hours, depending on the current power level. The display will show the battery level.

Your fully charged Fitbit Charge 4 has a battery life of up to 7 days. Note that battery life and charge cycles vary with use, settings and many other factors; actual results will vary.

Product care tips

  • Clean your band and wrist regularly with a soap-free cleanser.

  • If your Charge 4 gets wet, remove and dry completely after your activity.

  • Take occasional breaks from wearing your Charge 4. If your skin gets irritated, be sure to remove the tracker.

  • Charge 4 has a small hole for the altimeter. Don’t insert any items into the hole as you can damage the device.

Tap Product care tips for more info.

For more information, see the Charge 4 manual. For other issues, visit Fitbit Help or ask the Community.